Roof Repairs

Over 30 years of experience doing repairs.

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Do you see spots on your ceiling or wall?  Using buckets to catch dripping water?

When a leak is first spotted it is critical to resolve the issue before the problem is much larger. If a small leak is not tended to it can quickly damage your home’s interior. Let us evaluate the leak and where it is coming from so, we can stop the leak from spreading. There can be many causes to a roof leak from a nail that has penetrated or even flashing that has deteriorated over time. 

Rest Assured handles all types of repairs. No repair is too large or too small. Contact Rest Assured TODAY before your small problem becomes much larger.

Often what appears to be cosmetic at a glance such as broken tile, missing tile, loose shingles, missing shingles or rotten wood can actually be the first indicator that something needs to be tended to. If it is currently not an issue you don’t want to wait until it is an issue. Roof tiles, shingles and metal also act as a shield/barrier to protect the actual roof structure. Therefore, you want to make sure they are fully intact and free from damage.

Some of the reasons you should consider us for your roof repairs:

  • Superior Service
  • Guaranteed Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Top-Grade Materials
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Family Owned Company

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